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Apostille is the certification of a document issued by a country. It is a unified method for legalization of public acts and documents to be used in another country (different than the one in which the document has been issued). Supplied with an Apostille, a document is exempted from any further form of certification and legalization both in the country of issue, and in the country – a party to the Convention, where such document is to be presented.

Members of the Hague Conference

Certified Translation must be prepared by professional translators or а translation company. Other organizations, such as various universities and medical schools sometimes have additional requirements, but basically a certified translation consists of four parts which must be in place in order to be considered a valid certified translation.

  1. The certified English translation must be on official company letterhead paper showing the name and address of the translator/translation company.
  2. The complete word for word translation of the original text formatted as closely as possible to the original text.
  3. A statement signed by the translator or translation company representative attesting that the translator or translation company representative believes the translated text to be an accurate and complete translation of the source document. Sometimes this statement bears the title “Certificate of Accuracy” or “Certificate of Translation.”
  4. A statement notarizing the translator`s signature signed by a Notary Public.
    A certified English translation for the US immigration services (USCIS) must be prepared in accordance with the United States regulation, 8 CFR 103.2 (b)(3).

K Trans Solutions, LLC offers professional translation & phone interpreting services for corporate and individual customers from English into Bulgarian language and vice versa. We specialize in business, legal and medical translation and interpreting solutions for your needs in other languages as well.
When you choose K Trans Solutions for your partner, you will have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Native translation and interpretation professionals in the subject areas you need;
  • Extensive quality control and proofreading;
  • Custom business and legal solutions to your unique needs;
  • Dedicated and friendly service team;
  • Clear and competitive pricing (based on the source text).

What we can help you with:

  • Translations of official documents, issued in the USA that will be used in Bulgaria and other countries;
  • Translation and Certification of official documents, issued in Bulgaria or in other countries that will be used in the USA;
  • Help with finding information on how to obtain an Apostille in USA;
  • Same Day and Rush Translation Services Offered (based on the complexity and the volume of the required translation);
  • Free shipping for regular translation service – USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (UPS and FedEx shipping services are also offered for an additional charge);

Translations of official documents that will be used in Bulgaria: